Clinical Reimbursement Services

Landmark Heath Solutions is best known for its comprehensive clinical reimbursement consulting services. Landmarkís unique approach to clinical reimbursement is based upon continuous communication and information flow between the business office and the clinical staff. Intensive interdisciplinary collaboration is crucial for successful financial and clinical outcomes.

Unlike many consulting firms, our multidisciplinary approach extends beyond registered nurses and rehabilitation therapists. The Landmark model includes representatives from the MDS staff, nursing, administration, admissions and marketing, rehabilitation services and accounts receivable. This methodology for clinical reimbursement is designed to ensure that participants in the process understand the roles and needs of all disciplines.

LHS clinical consultants bring expertise in patient-centered case management and extensive knowledge of reimbursement systems. Our clinical consultants work in concert with our financial services specialists to maximize quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the core systems necessary to succeed in the current healthcare marketplace. The Landmark team connects the critical information needed for clinical quality and optimum payment.

Landmarkís consultants can provide a wide array of services, beginning with an evaluation of current clinical and reimbursement practices, a corrective action plan, training of in-house staff and ongoing oversight of reimbursement processes. If preferred, clients can select specific services to meet their organizationís needs, such as:

  • Medicare Reimbursement Optimization
  • MDS and RAPS assessment of documentation accuracy
  • RUG 53 Training
  • Optimization of MMQ documentation and CMI Outcomes
  • Length of Stay Management
  • MMQ Audit Systems and Adherence Protocol
  • Rehabilitation Services and Utilization Management
  • Implementation of Restorative Care programs
  • Intensive case management
  • Advanced MDS coding

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