Clinical Quality, Compliance and Accreditation Services

Education and Training

The team of nurse consultants at LHS includes many clinicians with exceptional experience as well as proven teaching skills. Education and training programs are available in the three major areas: clinical quality processes and prevention; clinical issues in reimbursement (e.g., Medicare PPS, RAI and MMQ management) and core training for nursing management. The education programs offered by LHS can include a combination of useful tools, clinical models, ongoing supervision, individual mentoring and facility or regional training- depending on the needs of the individual client. Services for clients include:

  • Clinical Quality Processes
    • Pressure Sore Prevention, Assessment and Management
    • Dementia Training, based upon the Alzheimer’s Association Training program
    • Fall Prevention
    • Delirium- Understanding the Phenomena, Interventions and Risk Management
  • Nursing Management Training
    • The Unit Manager - operations, leadership and clinical skills
    • Nursing Leadership for the New DON
    • Training for the Staff Development Coordinator
  • Essential Nursing Knowledge for Quality of Care and Reimbursement
    • CMI & MMQ Management
    • Medicare PPS
    • MDS/RAI Process and Documentation
    • Continuous Quality Improvement- Beyond the QA Committee
    • How to prepare the Plan of Correction after DPH Survey

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